Summer 2024


The Modern MatriarchyTM Series – Love Wore a Tux

A Transgender Love Story

What do you do when you’ve found true love, but your partner wants to change their gender?

Meet Doug. He’s a twenty-year-old directionless gay man who becomes so much happier with his life when dressed as a woman that he considers making the gender change permanent.

Meet Brent. He’s a gay twenty-something manager of a formal wear shop. Until he met Doug – now Dougie – Brent didn’t know what his life was missing.

Together, Dougie and Brent navigate their relationship as Dougie ponders a permanent transition to being female. Now both Dougie and Brent wonder if Dougie’s need to become her true self will be the end of the love that they have found.

Can you compromise on gender, if at all? Is the love they share strong enough to find a way to make their relationship work? Will true love conquer all?

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