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In a Modern Matriarchal marriage the woman is the head of her household and the family carries her family name, not her spouse’s name. Her identity remains intact.

What Does the “M” in LGBTQIAM Mean?

The “M” in LGBTQIAM stands for “Matriarchy.” Matriarchal relationships are based on women being the head of the household. (And no, matriarchy in this context has nothing to do with BDSM or kink, no more than any other type of relationship, gay or straight.)

According to OutRight Action International, LGBTQIA stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and/or Questioning, and Asexual and/or Ally. However, Matriarchy Press feels a new letter needs to be added: an M for “Matriarchy.”

Right now in the United States 40% of all households are headed by by women. Matriarchal households are already here.

However, matriarchal households are rarely discussed or portrayed in the media or written about, as there is strong cultural bias against women leading relationships, especially marriages.

The mission of Matriarchy Press is to change the perception of matriarchal relationships, and show how matriarchal relationships and marriages could not only work in the real world, but that matriarchy is indeed the future of society. Read about that here.

In addition to forthcoming novels, Matriarchy Press currently publishes a newsletter on Matriarchy, which you can read and subscribe to here.

We offer an additional Matriarchy Press newsletter that discusses transgender, gender dysphoria, and gender queer issues here as well.

Transgender issues and matriarchy issues are indeed closely linked.

In a patriarchal world, the masculine is the ideal; in a matriarchy, the feminine is the ideal.

The reason why some groups, not just trans men and women, struggle in a patriarchy is they are at odds with the ideals of the patriarchy.

In a patriarchy, all men should aspire to be a dominant alpha males and all women should aspire to be beta females. If men and women don’t conform, they’re considered abnormal.

In a matriarchy, that pressure is off: men can live their lives as betas if they wish, and women can become as alpha as they wish, even if that means transitioning to a male.

A matriarchal society would, in theory, work much better not only for trans people, but for all people, as you can live your life as your authentic self.

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Society has changed greatly in the past 100 years due to technology and the development of women’s rights, but are we now at a stage in human evolution where it is time for women to take over from the men and lead?

Let’s talk about it.