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Who We Are

Matriarchy Press launched our first series of books, the Modern Matriarchy SeriesTM in October of 2021. This is a series of short romance novellas, with a focus on a gay transgender relationship. You can read more about the series, and view excerpts, here.

As we move forward, the vision of Matriarchy Press is to become the leading publisher of transgender and matriarchal fiction, and in the process, create the entirely new categories of matriarchal literary and matriarchal commercial fiction.

Our mission is to not only publish books about transgender, gender queer, and matriarchal relationships, but add romance to these genres as well.

After all, what fun are any books without a well-told story, great characters, and a romance?

Why Matriarchy and Transgender Issues Though?

We believe the shift in our society from a patriarchy to matriarchy is going largely unnoticed. We also see the transgender movement going mainstream in society just as the gay movement emerged and went mainstream in the 70s. We also think the transgender and matriarchal movements are linked.

Just as it has in the past, society is getting ready for big changes. Changes happen quite regularly – every generation or so – and each generation moves change further along.

We want to chronicle and be a part of these changes, not only because we like being part of this conversation, but we feel we’re in a unique position to make a positive contribution to these changes.

It can be rough out there for transgenders and women who are matriarchs.

And besides, we find the problems and solutions in transgender and matriarchy relationships fascinating. We hope you will too.

And, after all, isn’t one of the basic needs of life to live your authentic self and not to be bored while living it?

We won’t let that happen here!

Welcome to the conversation, welcome to Matriarchy Press!