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The Modern Matriarchy SeriesTM

Matriarchy Press is proud to introduce the Modern MatriarchyTM Series, a series that not only provides a great read, but explores what it means to be transgender.

In Book 4 of the series and onwards, how matriarchy and trans are connected will be explored.

These are important questions to ask as society moves forward, as trans people play a much more visible role in today’s society.

Trans people are a great gift, as they enrich the world and expand what’s possible in the world for all of us. Come and see the world through Brent and Dougie’s eyes, if just for a moment.

Yes, But Where’s the Matriarchy?

Have no fear, the series is going there in book 4.

Perhaps the most impactful change over the next few years will be the shift in our society from a patriarchy to a matriarchy. Currently, 40% of households in the U.S. are headed by women, and that number is expected to grow.

Matriarchy is already here and is only going to grow.

No other press – that we know of – is discussing matriarchy yet, and you can read more about matriarchy, and the great shift to matriarchy, here, and what the “M” in “LGBTQIAM” stands for.

With the rapid pace of change in gender roles and perceptions in society, Matriarchy Press stands ready to tell the stories of these changes, with a focus on transgender, gender queer, and matriarchal issues, and most important, how these issues are connected.

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